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Marr Area Partnership Bulletin - May 2023

Forest of Birse Telecomms Mast - Result of Finzean Public vote April 20th 2023  (Read more here)

Draft Marr Community Plan 2023-25
Aberdeenshire surface dressing works release 14.4.23

Broadband in Birse & Ballogie

We have all been promised fast broadband, but nearly 40% of Birse & Ballogie have been left behind and in some cases seemingly forgotten altogether. You may not even know whether there are any plans at all for improving your broadband. Under the R100 plan, those remaining residents will get fibre by 2028. This date has slipped two years in the last 6 months! Some residents are not part of R100 and have been seemingly forgotten altogether. There are grants available but accessing these is by no means straightforward. If you want to know more then and want to better understand status you should read the latest Digital Engagement Team Newsletter.